The Dancers Mobile (Montessori Visual Mobile Series)

The Dancers Mobile is the 4th mobile in the Visual Mobile Series. It is traditionally incorporated from 10-14 weeks, and it the last one that I am planning to use with our daughter. There are others available for this age, Michael Olaf has some beautiful options like the classic butterflies, the mother and baby whales, or the Flowing Rhythm mobile. At 3 months old, Kate has started reaching out to grasp the Gobbi Mobile and the Octahedron Mobile. This means she is ready to move on to the tactile mobiles that she is getting for Christmas gifts next week (shhh, don’t tell her!). The Dancers Mobile consists of sparkly paper and fishing line, and the figures resemble dancers that move delicately with the air currents. I sketched mine freehand, but you can also purchase this one from Bellascasa. img_4012

Benefits of the Dancer Mobile:

  • Continues to enhance her concentration.
  • The light reflection and movement improve her visual focus.
  • Continues developing her depth perception.

This is my final post on the Visual Mobile Series, for more information you can look into Montessori from the Start (by Lynn Lillard Jessen and Paula Polk Lillard). Have a wonderful week!


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