The Gobbi Mobile (Montessori Visual Mobile Series)

Good Morning! Today I have another mobile to share with you, the beautiful Gobbi Mobile, which is the third mobile in the Visual Mobile Series recommended in Montessori From the Start.  This mobile consists of five balls wrapped in embroidery thread, all in varying shades of the same color going from darkest to lightest. This is another mobile that you can DIY, though it is definitely an exercise in patience! The Gobbi Mobile refines the baby’s depth perception. With her developing sense of sight, she will detect the small nuanced changes in shade as the balls get further away from her face. We introduced this mobile to our daughter at 8 weeks and she is still enjoying it at 3 1/2 months. Now that Kate is a little bit older and has started batting at the mobiles, we have started lowering it so she can actually touch the lower two balls. At first she seemed to hit them by accident, but this week we’ve noticed she is making a determined effort to touch them and even holds them in both hands. The way she grasps at them lets me know she is ready for the next series of tactile mobiles.


Benefits of the Gobbi Mobile:

  • Enhances sense of depth perception.
  • Emphasizes patterns, shades of colors, and shape.


For more information you can look into, Montessori from the Start (by Lynn Lillard Jessen and Paula Polk Lillard), and, which offers great examples on how to make your own.


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