The Octahedron Mobile (Montessori Visual Mobile Series)

Continuing with my series on Montessori Infant Mobiles, I’d like to share the Octahedron Mobile with you today!

Octahedron Mobile (5-8 weeks )

The Octahedron mobile is the second mobile to be introduced in the visual mobile series. It consists of three octahedra in the primary colors, so I made this mobile myself out of cardstock. Others I have seen are made out of metallic paper to give the octahedra a shiny look, but Kate still seems to find our cardstock mobile engaging. We introduced this mobile at 6 weeks, and have it in a rotation with her black and white mobile so she does not lose interest. The primary colors really stand out against the neutral colors of her room. Benefits of the Octahedron Mobile:

  • First introduction to geometry.
  • Emphasizes patterns, color, and shape.


For more information you can look into, Montessori from the Start (by Lynn Lillard Jessen and Paula Polk Lillard), and, which offers great examples on how to make your own mobiles.


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